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UCSC-CRL-06-10A Scalable and Efficient Peer-to-Peer Run-Time System for a Hardware Independent Software Platform05/19/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-03Distributed Receding Horizon Control of Dynamically Coupled Nonlinear Systems02/07/2006
UCSC-CRL-05-05The Case for an Integrated Software Platform for HEC Illustrated Using the CodeTime Platform01/31/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-01Ticc: A Tool for Interface Compatibility and Composition01/01/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-14An Introduction to the Tool Ticc01/01/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-15Magnifying-Lens Abstraction for Markov Decision Processes01/01/2006
AMS2005-1Maximizing visibility in nonconvex polygons: nonsmooth analysis and gradient algorithm design12/31/2005
AMS2005-10Spatio-temporal variability of ocean temperature in the Portugal Current System12/31/2005
AMS2005-12Multivariate Time Series Modeling and Classification via Hierarchical VAR Mixtures12/31/2005
AMS2005-13Inference for Climate System Properties12/31/2005
AMS2005-14Upscaling Tensorial Permeability Fields Based on Gaussian Markov Random Field Models and the Hybrid Mixed Finite Element Method12/31/2005
AMS2005-15Default Priors for Neural Network Classification12/31/2005
AMS2005-16Adaptive exploration of computer experiment parameter spaces12/31/2005
AMS2005-17Gaussian processes and limiting linear models12/31/2005
AMS2005-18Validation of Climate Model Output using Bayesian Statistical Methods12/31/2005
AMS2005-19Bayesian Mixture Modeling for Spatial Poisson Process Intensities, with Applications to Extreme Value Analysis12/31/2005
AMS2005-2A nonparametric Bayesian approach to inference for non-homogeneous Poisson processes12/31/2005
AMS2005-20Implications of Aging in Bacteria12/31/2005
AMS2005-21Top-down and bottom-up control of life history strategies in coho salmon12/31/2005
AMS2005-24From Continuum Fokker-Planck Models to Discrete Kinetic Models12/31/2005
AMS2005-25A new proof on axisymmetric equilibria of a three-dimensional Smoluchowski equation12/31/2005
AMS2005-26Finite-time convergent gradient flows with applications to motion coordination12/31/2005
AMS2005-28A decision-theoretic framework for adaptive management of epidemiological intervention12/31/2005
AMS2005-29Chemical and mechanical efficiencies of molecular motors and implications for motor mechanisms12/31/2005
AMS2005-3Comparison of Bayesian, maximum likelihood and parsimony methods for detecting positive selection12/31/2005
AMS2005-30Motion coordination with distributed information12/31/2005
AMS2005-31Inference for a Proton Accelerator Using Convolution Models12/31/2005
AMS2005-32A model for the nonlinear dynamics of turbulent shear flows12/31/2005
AMS2005-4Time-Varying Models for Extreme Values12/31/2005
AMS2005-5Environmental regimes and density-dependence: a Bayesian modeling approach for identifying recruitment regimes12/31/2005
AMS2005-6Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling in Quantile Regression12/31/2005
AMS2005-7On synchronous robotic networks - Part I: Models, tasks and complexity notions12/31/2005
AMS2005-8On synchronous robotic networks - Part II: Time complexity of rendezvous and deployment algorithms12/31/2005
AMS2005-9A Statistical Equivalent Model for Random Waypoint Mobility: A Case Study12/31/2005
AMS2005-11Bayesian Validation of Computer Models for Smooth Functional Data in Hierarchical Contexts12/31/2005
AMS2005-22A Life-History Perspective on Short- and Long-Term Consequences of Compensatory Growth12/31/2005
AMS2005-23Using Life History and Persistence Criteria To Prioritize Habitats for Management and Conservation12/31/2005
AMS2005-27Detecting Patterns of Natural Selection in DNA Sequences using Bayesian Generalized Linear Models12/31/2005
UCSC-CRL-05-04Meerkats: A Power-Aware, Self-Managing Wireless Camera Network for Wide Area Monitoring06/29/2005
UCSC-CRL-05-03Average Reward Timed Games06/25/2005
UCSC-CRL-06-06BiBoost for Asymmetric Learning06/03/2005
UCSC-CRL-05-01Linear and Branching System Metrics04/08/2005
AMS2004-1Bayesian Non-parametric Analysis of Stock-Recruitment Relationships12/31/2004
AMS2004-2Structured priors for multivariate time series12/31/2004
AMS2004-3Efficient Models for Correlated Data via Convolutions of Intrinsic Processes12/31/2004
AMS2004-4Parameter Space Exploration With Gaussian Process Trees12/31/2004
AMS2004-5Bayesian Nonparametric Spatial Modeling With Dirichlet Processes Mixing12/31/2004
AMS2004-6The 2004 Venezuelan Presidential Recall: Discrepancies Between Exit Polls and Official Results12/31/2004
AMS2004-7Spatio-Temporal Models Based on Discrete Convolutions12/31/2004
AMS2004-8Spatially-distributed coverage optimization and control with limited-range interactions12/31/2004

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