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UCSC-SOE-13-04Nonparametric Bayesian Inference for Mean Residual Life Functions in Survival Analysis03/26/2013
UCSC-SOE-13-03A Fully Nonparametric Modelling Approach to Binary Regression03/26/2013
UCSC-SOE-13-02In-Vivo Storage System Development03/16/2013
UCSC-SOE-13-01Raising the Aesthetic Quality of Character Interaction in Cinematic Videogames03/01/2013
UCSC-SOE-12-21Attributing Authorship of Revisioned Content11/27/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-19Choosing the Number of Nodes for a Neural Network via the Graphical Jump Method11/03/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-18Faceted Execution of Policy-Agnostic Programs, Extended Version10/11/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-17Spatial modeling for risk assessment of extreme values from environmental time series: A Bayesian nonparametric approach09/29/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-16Predicting Variable-Length Functional Outputs for Emulation of a Flight Simulator09/20/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-15A Functional View of Imperative Information Flow09/06/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-14Why Computer Science Matters: Introducing Computer Science Using Scratch and TouchDevelop09/06/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-13SciHadoop Semantic Compression08/16/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-12Bayesian Semiparametric Regression Models to Characterize Molecular Evolution08/13/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-11Bayesian Factor Models in Characterizing Molecular Adaptation08/08/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-10RAID4S-modthresh: Modifying the Write Selection Algorithm to Classify Medium-Writes as Small-Writes07/28/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-09Sequential Process Convolution Gaussian Process Models via Particle Learning07/28/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-08SIDR: Efficient Structure-Aware Intelligent Data Routing in SciHadoop07/26/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-07DataMods: Programmable File System Services07/16/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-06A Game-Theoretical Approach for Finding Optimal Strategies in an Intruder Classification Game06/02/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-05Bayesian Deconvolution of Oil Well Test Data Using Gaussian Processes05/31/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-04Evaluating Realism for Virtual Supporting Characters05/27/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-02Flexible Bayesian modelling for clustered categorical responses in developmental toxicology03/23/2012
UCSC-SOE-12-01A Bayesian approach to the analysis of quantal bioassay studies using nonparametric mixture models03/21/2012
UCSC-SOE-11-27AI-Based Game Design: Enabling New Playable Experiences12/07/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-26A Nonparametric Mixture Modelling Framework for Extreme Value Analysis12/06/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-25Bayesian Nonstationary Gaussian Process Models for Large Datasets via Treed Process Convolutions12/05/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-24Visual Analysis of Air Traffic Data08/24/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-23Automatic Transitional Animation Between Visualizations08/24/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-22Types for Precise Thread Interference08/11/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-21A Theory of Color Barcodes08/01/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-20Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Neuronal Intensity Rates07/25/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-19Dynamic Information Flow Analysis for Featherweight JavaScript07/15/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-18Selective Removal of Extraneous Photographs07/12/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-16Velocity Based Feature Extraction of Multistreaming Events in Cosmological Simulations06/22/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-17The Evolution of Multistreaming Events in the Formation of Large Scale Structures06/22/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-15Lessons from COSMOS: Four Years of Iteration on a Game Design Class06/07/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-14Comparing and Blending Regional Climate Model Predictions for the American Southwest05/09/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-13An Inclusive Taxonomy of Player Modeling05/03/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-12QMDS: A File System Metadata Management Service Supporting a Graph Data Model-based Query Language04/28/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-11Nonparametric Reconstruction of the Dark Energy Equation of State from Diverse Data Sets04/12/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-10Probable Values of Stock-Recruitment Steepness for North Pacific Albacore Tuna03/28/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-09SNS: A Simple Model for Understanding Optimal Hard Real-Time Multiprocessor Scheduling03/18/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-08RAD-FETCH: Modeling Prefetching for Hard Real-Time Tasks02/28/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-07SimiHash: Hash-based Similarity Detection02/20/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-06Heuristic Evaluation of Programming Language Features02/10/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-05Content promotion by utility measure optimization02/04/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-04SciHadoop: Array-based Query Processing in Hadoop01/31/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-03Joint Projections of North Pacific Sea Surface Temperature from Different Global Climate Models01/26/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-02Gaussian Process Modeling of Derivative Curves01/12/2011
UCSC-SOE-11-01Environmental forcing on northeast Atlantic bluefin tuna abundance01/03/2011

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