UCSC-CRL-06-08: BaCTiL: Base CodeTime Language

Sean Halle
05/19/2006 12:25 PM
Computer Engineering
This paper describes BaCTiL, a high-level language for the CodeTime computation model. It is a simple language: BaCTiL is to the CodeTime computation model as C is to the Von Neumann computation model.

BaCTiL is best viewed as a collection of three inter-related languages: a visual circuit description language, a coordination language, and an imperative language. A program in BaCTiL is a circuit, composed of a number of units wired together. Each unit is either a system unit, equivalent to an OS system call, or a function unit. Function units are filled with imperative code. The invocation of the function units, with respect to which data and which order, is controlled by a coordination language.