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AMS2005-30Motion coordination with distributed information12/31/2005
AMS2005-31Inference for a Proton Accelerator Using Convolution Models12/31/2005
AMS2005-32A model for the nonlinear dynamics of turbulent shear flows12/31/2005
AMS2005-4Time-Varying Models for Extreme Values12/31/2005
AMS2005-5Environmental regimes and density-dependence: a Bayesian modeling approach for identifying recruitment regimes12/31/2005
AMS2005-6Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling in Quantile Regression12/31/2005
AMS2005-7On synchronous robotic networks - Part I: Models, tasks and complexity notions12/31/2005
AMS2005-8On synchronous robotic networks - Part II: Time complexity of rendezvous and deployment algorithms12/31/2005
AMS2005-9A Statistical Equivalent Model for Random Waypoint Mobility: A Case Study12/31/2005
AMS2005-11Bayesian Validation of Computer Models for Smooth Functional Data in Hierarchical Contexts12/31/2005
AMS2005-22A Life-History Perspective on Short- and Long-Term Consequences of Compensatory Growth12/31/2005
AMS2005-23Using Life History and Persistence Criteria To Prioritize Habitats for Management and Conservation12/31/2005
AMS2005-27Detecting Patterns of Natural Selection in DNA Sequences using Bayesian Generalized Linear Models12/31/2005
UCSC-CRL-05-04Meerkats: A Power-Aware, Self-Managing Wireless Camera Network for Wide Area Monitoring06/29/2005
UCSC-CRL-05-03Average Reward Timed Games06/25/2005
UCSC-CRL-06-06BiBoost for Asymmetric Learning06/03/2005
UCSC-CRL-05-01Linear and Branching System Metrics04/08/2005
AMS2004-1Bayesian Non-parametric Analysis of Stock-Recruitment Relationships12/31/2004
AMS2004-2Structured priors for multivariate time series12/31/2004
AMS2004-3Efficient Models for Correlated Data via Convolutions of Intrinsic Processes12/31/2004
AMS2004-4Parameter Space Exploration With Gaussian Process Trees12/31/2004
AMS2004-5Bayesian Nonparametric Spatial Modeling With Dirichlet Processes Mixing12/31/2004
AMS2004-6The 2004 Venezuelan Presidential Recall: Discrepancies Between Exit Polls and Official Results12/31/2004
AMS2004-7Spatio-Temporal Models Based on Discrete Convolutions12/31/2004
AMS2004-8Spatially-distributed coverage optimization and control with limited-range interactions12/31/2004
UCSC-CRL-04-02Approximate XML Query Answers12/31/2004
UCSC-CRL-04-04Improving Control Performance using Adaptive Quality of Service in a Real-Time System12/31/2004
UCSC-CRL-04-05Optimization of Control Systems Performance via Soft Real-Time Quality-of-Service Management Techniques12/31/2004
UCSC-CRL-04-06Optimal State Feedback Based Resource Allocation for Resource-Constrained Control Tasks12/31/2004
UCSC-CRL-04-11Efficient Soft Real-Time Processing in an Integrated System09/15/2004
UCSC-CRL-04-10A Control Approach to Bandwidth Management in Networked Control Systems09/01/2004
UCSC-CRL-03-17An Analysis of Detection Probabilities of Interconnect Opens03/14/2004
AMS2003-2Spatial Estimation of Reservoir Properties Using Bayesian Wavelet Regression12/31/2003
AMS2003-3Optimal Bayesian Design by Inhomogeneous Markov Chain Simulation12/31/2003
AMS2003-4Bayesian Methods for Phylogeny Independent Detection of Positively Selected Amino Acid Sites12/31/2003
AMS2003-6A Bayesian Approach to Compare Observed Rainfall Data to Deterministic Simulations12/31/2003
AMS2003-8Inferring Particle Distribution in a Proton Accelerator Experiment12/31/2003
AMS2003-9Priors for Neural Networks12/31/2003
UCSC-CRL-03-08Locality and Direct Extraction of Partial Reluctance K12/31/2003
UCSC-CRL-03-09The K Approach Is Stable12/31/2003
AMS2003-5A Framework for Validation of Computer Models12/31/2003
AMS2003-7Nonparametric Bayesian Modeling for Multivariate Ordinal Data12/31/2003
UCSC-CRL-03-12Model Checking Discounted Temporal Properties10/29/2003
UCSC-CRL-03-01Storage Embedded Networks (SEN) and Adaptive Caching using Multiple Experts (ACME)06/02/2003
UCSC-CRL-03-02The Multicache Simulation Environment Version 1.0 Reference Manual06/02/2003
UCSC-CRL-03-07Spice Compatible Circuit Model for Reluctance K04/16/2003
UCSC-CRL-03-03Directly Extracting On-Chip Circuit Element Partial Reluctance K01/01/2003

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