UCSC-CRL-03-08: Locality and Direct Extraction of Partial Reluctance K

12/31/2003 09:00 AM
Electrical Engineering
This paper provides a method to directly extract K element, or partial reluctance from its physical meaning. The approach of direct K extraction reveals the locality nature of partial reluctance and explains why inductance effect can be captured by sparse K matrix without knowing the current loop first. We use a 3-D discretization of a magneto-quasi-static integral formulation to simulate the current distribution and get the frequency dependent partial reluctance matrix K and resistance R. Directly extracting partial reluctance gives a clearer view of partial reluctance\'s physical meaning and avoids inverting the partial inductance matrix before running simulation and reduction based on $RKC$ model. Also, benefiting from the locality of the partial reluctance, a hierarchical shielding technique is used in the extraction and it brings a great speed up. The result from examples shows advantages in direct partial reluctance extraction with shielding techniques over the traditional partial reluctance extraction by inverting L.