UCSC-CRL-03-03: Directly Extracting On-Chip Circuit Element Partial Reluctance K

Yu Du, Hao Ji, Wayne Dai
01/01/2003 09:00 AM
Computer Engineering
This paper provides a method to directly extract K element, or partial reluctance. Partial reluctance K is a new circuit element recently introduced to capture the on-chip inductance effect. We use a 3-D discretization of a magneto-quai-static integral formulation to simulate the current distribution and get the frequency dependent partial reluctance matrix K and resistance R. Directly extracting partial reluctance gives a clearer view of the partial reluctance's physical meaning and avoids inverting the partial inductance matrix before running simulation and reduction based on RKC model. Also, benefiting from the locality of the partial reluctance, a hierarchical shielding technique is used in the extraction and it brings a great speed-up. The result from examples shows advantages in direct partial reluctance extraction with shielding techniques over the traditional partial reluctance extraction by inverting L.