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AMS2007-16Solar Rotation12/31/2007
AMS2007-17A Friendly and Free Parallel Block-Tridiagonal Solver: User Manual12/31/2007
AMS2007-18Multivariate Estimation of the Properties of an Oil Reservoir12/31/2007
AMS2007-19Model-based approaches to nonparametric Bayesian quantile regression12/31/2007
AMS2007-2Bayesian Wavelet Regression for Spatial Estimation12/31/2007
AMS2007-20Inferring Climate System Properties Using a Computer Model12/31/2007
AMS2007-21A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Inference for Quantile Regression12/31/2007
AMS2007-4Growth and migration of solids in evolving protostellar disks I: Methods and Analytical tests.12/31/2007
AMS2007-5Parametric and Nonparametric Bayesian Methods to Model Health Insurance Claims Costs12/31/2007
AMS2007-6Statistical Calibration of Climate System Properties12/31/2007
AMS2007-8Chocolate Chip Cookies as a Teaching Aid12/31/2007
AMS2007-23Bayesian Guidance for Robust Pattern Search Optimization12/31/2007
AMS2007-3EEG-Based Estimation of Mental Fatigue: Convergent Evidence for a Three-State Model12/31/2007
AMS2007-7A Statistical Framework for the Sensitivity Analysis of Radiative Transfer Models12/31/2007
AMS2007-9Bayesian model specification12/31/2007
AMS2008-1A Spatio-Temporal Model for Mean, Anomaly and Trend Fields of North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature01/01/2008
UCSC-CRL-08-01On Secure Distributed Implementations of Dynamic Access Control01/01/2008
AMS2008-2Bayesian Guided Pattern Search for Robust Local Optimization01/02/2008
AMS2008-3Fast Bayesian Inference for Computer Simulation Inverse Problems01/03/2008
AMS2008-4Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling for Comparison of Single-Neuron Firing Intensities01/04/2008
AMS2008-5Advances in the Design of Gaussian Processes as Surrogate Models for Computer Experiments01/05/2008
AMS2008-6A Bayesian Modeling Approach for Determining Productivity Regimes and their Characteristics01/06/2008
AMS2008-7Measuring Expectations in Options Markets: An Application to the S&P500 Index01/07/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-26Transient Rendering02/28/2008
UCSC-CRL-08-02Qualitative Concurrent Parity Games04/04/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-03The Complexity of Coverage04/22/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-04Strategy Improvement for Concurrent Safety Games04/22/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-05Symbolic Magnifying Lens Abstraction in Markov Decision Processes05/05/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-06Robust Content-Driven Reputation05/13/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-07Assigning Trust to Wikipedia Content05/13/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-08Measuring Contributions to the Wikipedia05/13/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-09Robust Content-Driven Reputation05/23/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-10Assembling the Building Blocks of Giant Planets around Intermediate Mass Stars06/10/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-12Selection of a Representative Sample06/12/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-11Turn-Based Qualitative Solution of Concurrent Parity Games06/13/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-13Dynamics of the Solar Tachocline - II: The Stratified Case06/16/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-14Sketch-based Summarization of Ordered XML Streams07/07/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-15Markov Switching Dirichlet Process Mixture Regression07/21/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-16Algorithms for Game Metrics08/05/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-17Compositional and Decidable Checking for Dependent Contract Types08/11/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-18Transfer Learning for Conditional Random Fields with Applications to Human Action Recognition08/26/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-19Interface Building for Software by Modular Three-Valued Refinement09/03/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-22Statistical Calibration of Climate System Properties - II10/22/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-23The rotation rate of the solar radiative zone11/17/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-24Multivariate Visualization of Socio-Economic Indicators using Geographic Maps11/26/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-25Bayesian modeling of wind and sea surface temperature from the Portuguese coast12/08/2008
UCSC-SOE-09-01Robust and Efficient Evaluation of Rank Joins01/02/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-02Bayesian estimation of $\Theta=4N_e\mu$ under gamma-distributed mutation rate variation01/02/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-03Bayesian semiparametric modeling and inference with mixtures of symmetric distributions01/22/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-04Stochastic Volatility Models Including Open, Close, High And Low Prices01/30/2009

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