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AMS2006-13Adaptive design of supercomputer experiments12/31/2006
AMS2006-14Detecting selection in DNA sequences: Bayesian Modelling and Inference12/31/2006
AMS2006-15Statistical Inference for Atmospheric Transport Models Using Process Convolutions12/31/2006
AMS2006-16Analysis and design of distributed algorithms for chi-consensus12/31/2006
AMS2006-17Parametric and nonparametric Bayesian model specification: a case study involving models for count data12/31/2006
AMS2006-18Correctness Analysis and Optimality Bounds of Multi-spacecraft Formation Initialization Algorithms12/31/2006
AMS2006-2Two Bayesian Methods for Estimating Parameters of the von Bertalanffy Growth Equation12/31/2006
AMS2006-3A crash course in feedback control -- A MATLAB-based introduction with one prerequisite: high school algebra12/31/2006
AMS2006-4Modeling disease incidence data with spatial and spatio-temporal Dirichlet process mixtures12/31/2006
AMS2006-5Extreme limit distribution of truncated models for daily rainfall12/31/2006
AMS2006-6An Improved WPE Method for Solving Discontinuous Fokker-Planck Equations12/31/2006
AMS2006-7Magnetic Confinement of the Solar Tachocline12/31/2006
AMS2006-8Bayesian treed Gaussian process models12/31/2006
AMS2006-19Modeling stochastic order in the analysis of ROC data: Bayesian nonparametric approaches12/31/2006
AMS2006-9Assessing the effect of selection in DNA sequences: Identifying positively selected sites in malaria antigens12/31/2006
AMS2006-20Bayesian Nonparametric Spatio-Temporal Models for Disease Incidence Data12/15/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-18A Content-Driven Reputation System for the Wikipedia11/21/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-16On-demand Routing in Disrupted Environments10/25/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-17Disruption-Tolerant Routing with Scoped Propagation of Control Information10/25/2006
UCSC-SOE-08-20Direct Volume Rendering of Multi-Valued Data Sets06/30/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-12A Mental Framework for use in Creating Hardware Independent Parallel Languages05/24/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-11The Big-Step Operational Semantics of CodeTime Circuits05/19/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-09The Elements of the CodeTime Software Platform05/19/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-08BaCTiL: Base CodeTime Language05/19/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-10A Scalable and Efficient Peer-to-Peer Run-Time System for a Hardware Independent Software Platform05/19/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-03Distributed Receding Horizon Control of Dynamically Coupled Nonlinear Systems02/07/2006
UCSC-CRL-05-05The Case for an Integrated Software Platform for HEC Illustrated Using the CodeTime Platform01/31/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-01Ticc: A Tool for Interface Compatibility and Composition01/01/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-14An Introduction to the Tool Ticc01/01/2006
UCSC-CRL-06-15Magnifying-Lens Abstraction for Markov Decision Processes01/01/2006
AMS2005-1Maximizing visibility in nonconvex polygons: nonsmooth analysis and gradient algorithm design12/31/2005
AMS2005-10Spatio-temporal variability of ocean temperature in the Portugal Current System12/31/2005
AMS2005-12Multivariate Time Series Modeling and Classification via Hierarchical VAR Mixtures12/31/2005
AMS2005-13Inference for Climate System Properties12/31/2005
AMS2005-14Upscaling Tensorial Permeability Fields Based on Gaussian Markov Random Field Models and the Hybrid Mixed Finite Element Method12/31/2005
AMS2005-15Default Priors for Neural Network Classification12/31/2005
AMS2005-16Adaptive exploration of computer experiment parameter spaces12/31/2005
AMS2005-17Gaussian processes and limiting linear models12/31/2005
AMS2005-18Validation of Climate Model Output using Bayesian Statistical Methods12/31/2005
AMS2005-19Bayesian Mixture Modeling for Spatial Poisson Process Intensities, with Applications to Extreme Value Analysis12/31/2005
AMS2005-2A nonparametric Bayesian approach to inference for non-homogeneous Poisson processes12/31/2005
AMS2005-20Implications of Aging in Bacteria12/31/2005
AMS2005-21Top-down and bottom-up control of life history strategies in coho salmon12/31/2005
AMS2005-24From Continuum Fokker-Planck Models to Discrete Kinetic Models12/31/2005
AMS2005-25A new proof on axisymmetric equilibria of a three-dimensional Smoluchowski equation12/31/2005
AMS2005-26Finite-time convergent gradient flows with applications to motion coordination12/31/2005
AMS2005-28A decision-theoretic framework for adaptive management of epidemiological intervention12/31/2005
AMS2005-29Chemical and mechanical efficiencies of molecular motors and implications for motor mechanisms12/31/2005
AMS2005-3Comparison of Bayesian, maximum likelihood and parsimony methods for detecting positive selection12/31/2005
AMS2005-30Motion coordination with distributed information12/31/2005

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