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UCSC-SOE-10-01New Constraints on the Time-variation of the Dark Energy Equation of State from Current Supernova Data01/04/2010
UCSC-SOE-09-36Oceanic Influence on Extreme Rainfall Trends in the North Central Coast of Venezuela: Present and future climate assessments11/30/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-35Measuring Contributions to Email-Based Discussion Groups11/23/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-34Permissive Dynamic Information Flow Analysis11/11/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-33An Effect System for Checking Consistency of Synchronization and Yields11/09/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-32A Metadata-Rich File System11/05/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-31Mixture Modeling for Marked Poisson Processes10/26/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-30SCePTRe: Santa Cruz Package Thermal Response10/06/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-29Nonparametric Reconstruction of the Dark Energy Equation of State09/17/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-28Nested Partition Models09/13/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-37Exploring Multistreaming in the Universe09/01/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-27Bayesian semiparametric modeling for stochastic precedence, with applications in epidemiology and survival analysis08/28/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-26Reading 1D Barcodes from Noisy, Blurred, and Highly Compressed Pictures08/18/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-25Analyzing the Impact of Change in Multi-threaded Programs08/04/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-23Index Interactions in Physical Design Tuning: Modeling, Analysis, and Applications06/12/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-22On the Penetration of Meridional Circulation below the Solar Convection Zone II: Models with Convection Zone, the Taylor-Proudman constraint and Applications to Other Stars06/10/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-21The Effect of VSIDS on SAT Solver Performance06/03/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-20The Price of Anarchy in Parallel - Serial Competition with Elastic Demand04/24/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-18Scaling Ethernet Speeds to 100Gb/s and Beyond04/22/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-19A Traffic Management Framework for Optical Routers with Small Buffers04/22/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-17Flexible modeling for stock-recruitment relationships using Bayesian nonparametric mixtures04/15/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-16An Extensible Parallel Language04/12/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-14Parallel Language Extensions for Side Effects04/10/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-15A Hardware-Independent Parallel Operating System Abstraction Layer04/10/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-13The GARCH Structural Credit Risk Model: Simulation Analysis and Application to the Bank CDS Market During the 2007-2008 Crisis04/09/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-12Nonparametric Bayesian models through probit stick-breaking processes03/23/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-11The Reproductive Biology of Steepness, A Fundamental Metric of Population Dynamics and Strategic Fisheries Management03/18/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-10Bayesian model selection approaches to MIDAS regression03/12/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-09Bayesian Protein Structure Alignment03/05/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-08A Two-Sided Market Analysis of Provider Investment Incentives With an Application to the Net-Neutrality Issue03/02/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-07Bayesian analysis of size-dependent mortality from size-frequency distributions02/13/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-06DKU Pattern for Performance Portable Parallel Software02/12/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-04Stochastic Volatility Models Including Open, Close, High And Low Prices01/30/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-05Latent Stick-Breaking Processes01/30/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-03Bayesian semiparametric modeling and inference with mixtures of symmetric distributions01/22/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-01Robust and Efficient Evaluation of Rank Joins01/02/2009
UCSC-SOE-09-02Bayesian estimation of $\Theta=4N_e\mu$ under gamma-distributed mutation rate variation01/02/2009
UCSC-SOE-08-25Bayesian modeling of wind and sea surface temperature from the Portuguese coast12/08/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-24Multivariate Visualization of Socio-Economic Indicators using Geographic Maps11/26/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-23The rotation rate of the solar radiative zone11/17/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-22Statistical Calibration of Climate System Properties - II10/22/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-19Interface Building for Software by Modular Three-Valued Refinement09/03/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-18Transfer Learning for Conditional Random Fields with Applications to Human Action Recognition08/26/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-17Compositional and Decidable Checking for Dependent Contract Types08/11/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-16Algorithms for Game Metrics08/05/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-15Markov Switching Dirichlet Process Mixture Regression07/21/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-14Sketch-based Summarization of Ordered XML Streams07/07/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-13Dynamics of the Solar Tachocline - II: The Stratified Case06/16/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-11Turn-Based Qualitative Solution of Concurrent Parity Games06/13/2008
UCSC-SOE-08-12Selection of a Representative Sample06/12/2008

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