UCSC-SOE-18-09: ROOT Files for Computer Scientists

Reza NasiriGerdeh, Jim Pivarski, Michael A. Sevilla, Carlos Maltzahn
05/11/2018 03:43 AM
Computer Science
ROOT is an object-oriented framework to process, analyze, visualize, and store large scale data. There are many publications on introducing ROOT framework to physicists because they are the main users of the framework. However, physicists are not the only people who are interested in ROOT framework. The framework is also interesting for computer scientists who perform joint research projects with the physicists. In this paper, we present ROOT framework from a viewpoint more familiar to computer scientists. We focus on the ROOT files, which is the input/output part of the framework. We provide an overview of ROOT files and their logical and physical structure. Moreover, we introduce ROOT files with trees, which are one of the most commonly used types of ROOT files and are leveraged to store tabular data (tuples).