UCSC-SOE-18-04: Emotion Regulation in the Wild: The WEHAB Approach

Pardis Miri; Andero Uusberg, Heather Culbertson, Robert Flory, Helen Uusberge, James J. Gross, Keith Marzullo, Katherine Isbiste
02/20/2018 11:49 PM
Computer Science
Emotion regulation is crucial for living with others. However,
it is also difficult, and everyone, at some point, fails
to effectively regulate his or her emotions. Can technology
help? Several startups have sought to answer this question by
developing wearable technologies designed to support emotion
regulation. However, they typically lack a grounding in
appropriate foundational theories and research. In this paper,
we present a multidisciplinary approach for designing wearables
for emotion regulation in everyday life. We call this
the WEHAB approach (WEHAB comes from the first letters
of the four disciplines: wearables, emotion regulation, haptics,
and biofeedback). Using the WEHAB approach opens
up new ways to facilitate emotion regulation and to develop
novel affordances for emotion regulation in everyday life ("the